[pmwiki-users] Mailform2.php

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Thu Aug 11 14:03:22 CDT 2005

I'm trying to get mailform2.php running. I seem to misunderstand some 
piece to get it working.. Maybe someone could point me to a working 
version that I could copy?

I'm running a generic test installation of  2.0beta54

there are 2 includes (mailform2.php and input.php are both in cookbook

I edited mailform2.php with the following information:
SDV($Mailform2Recipient, 'davids at example.com');
SDV($Mailform2Sender, 'aslan at example.com');
SDV($Mailform2Subject, 'Olmsted County Volunteer Information');
SDV($Mailform2Text, 'Name and Address');
SDV($Mailform2SuccessPage, 'Main.MailSentSuccessfully');
SDV($Mailform2FailurePage, 'Main.MailSendFailure');
SDV($Mailform2Disabled, 0);

In a wiki page I placed
(:input start "":)

(:input line mail-recipients:)
Subject: (:input line mail-subject:)
Info: (:input text mail-text rows=10 size=65:)

(:input button "Send the mail!":)
(:input end:)

What displays is:

(:input start "":)

(:input line mail-recipients:)

Subject: (:input line mail-subject:)


(:input button "Send the mail!":)

Dave Sovinski

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