[pmwiki-users] Locked SideBar in new installation

Hans design at flutesong.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Aug 10 13:35:55 CDT 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 7:29:44 PM, Neil wrote:
> My only concern (and it is small) is having to explain the concept of
> "nopass" to a newbie admin if all they want to do is protect the sidebar.
> It is a bit convoluted. Perhaps there could be a bit of script magic in
> config.php like $EnableSidebarPassword = 1, such that with no config.php,
> the sidebar would not require a password.

Do you have to explain 'nopass'? In order to bring the SideBar into
the fold of the Site protection (ie. admin password, which needs to be
set in config.php) the SideBar's edit attribute needs to be changed to

> And to spread the joy a bit further, what should the default protection
> state be for pages such as RightBar,  PageTopMenu and PageFootMenu????

I'm open to suggestions.


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