[pmwiki-users] Re: pmwiki-users Digest, Vol 2, Issue 64

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Tue Aug 9 15:28:53 CDT 2005

At 05:35 AM 8/9/2005, Hans-Göran Puke wrote:
>Do you know how I can check this? I obviously do 
>not have access to the old host any longer.

To compare them, you'd need the access. Or maybe 
you could ask the tech support about what 
defaults they have? Same thing below, this is 
probable an OS config problem. Why not ask your new tech support people?

>Regarding the filenames in wiki.d, if I look at 
>a directory-listing in vi, I can see that the 
>Swedish characters are encoded as 8-bit characters (supposedly ISO8859-1).
>If I make a link to a new page in the new host, 
>such as NyRäkSmörgås, and later edit that to 
>create it, I can see that the filename is 
>Main.NyRkSmrgs (in other words, the Swedish 
>characters are stripped off entirely in the new host).


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