[pmwiki-users] View modes

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Mon Aug 8 19:28:53 CDT 2005

At 07:43 PM 8/8/2005, Hans wrote:
>Proposed was to create (view)modes for the pmwiki default
>distribution. This has changed to creating a standard for different
>view modes and offering it as a cookbook recipe or a scripts/ add on
>which may be optionally enabled.


>Proposed is to change the name from Modes to Views. We could talk
>about view modes, but the proposed variable name would be $View,
>the conditional markup (:if view ....:) ,
>the cookie switcher ?setview=.... ,
>and the markup variable {$View}.


>Proposed view modes (values in a $ViewList array) are:

Nay. It sounds more efficient to have specific view names and their 
values map onto sets of functions; Like the original proposal: I need 
a calculator, I add it to my desk. I don't rename my desk or use a 
different one.

I'm proposing that we create a registry of functionality (in order to 
avoid the reduplication we saw in the past with recipes), then we 
allow the admins to map functionality into the current skin (which 
needs to be view-friendly), individually or in groups. So I could 
just go to a Site.Settings page and add a calendar in the right bar, 
or I could choose a default layout with several functions enabled.

>More than one key could be associated with these values. Like
>reader => standard
>standard => standard

This is getting too hairy. The only reason I see for this is 

>Is it okay to use I18N for the array values, like
>SDVA($ViewList, array(
>         'stealth' => '$[stealth]',
>         'standard' => '$[standard]',
>         'author' => '$[author]',
>         'admin' => '$[admin]',
>         ));

I would do it the other way around, so that the URL itself is 
internationalized and the internal string is fixed (in the 
'registry', if we decide to go for that).

...and the discussion continues...


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