[pmwiki-users] wikistyles question

Mateusz Czapliński mateusz at czaplinski.pl
Fri Aug 5 15:28:02 CDT 2005

Btw, when talking about styles:
I've looked at them recently, and got into small confusion; AFAI tried, 
two things seem not to work in them: fractional sizes (that is, for 
example %block padding:'1.5ex'%) and percent sizes (again, %block 
width:'50%'%). I thought that's not intended, but am surprised nobody 
seems to have noticed it yet, or at least neither in PITS nor in 
WikiStyles have I found any info about that.

I've made an example, at TestStyles, and decided that maybe I should try 
writing a PIT, not bothering the list. But as I saw the discussion about 
styles, and again no signs of problems, I decided I'll ask and make it 
clear to myself if the problem really exists, or am I simply doing 
something wrong?


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