[pmwiki-users] cobblers children

John W Morris johnwmorris at peak.org
Fri Aug 5 12:35:34 CDT 2005

The saying is that the "cobblers children have no shoes".  (as my ancient mind recalls, though ,perhaps in error)

With respect to Pmwiki, which is a wonderful tool, and it's authors (the cobbler) and the users list (the children with lack of shoes) I offer the following:

With all humility and respect for the cobbler... I really hate having to scroll down through a very long list to find the message I want to read.   The previous mode of attachments at least let me select the message I wanted to read and get to it directly.   

Given:  most all of us  "readers" use html in our email views so we can handle internal links, therefore, can something better be done with this list?  It is not the 'wiki' itself so is not deserving of massive attention and labor... but... it is one of the tools that help shape and often repair that 'wiki' and lead us to understanding.

Proposed solutions:
  a.. at the least... go back to attachments.
  b.. at the best... put the list on the wiki (great for archive and search functions) and send notifications via email with hot links to discussion pages.   That way one discussion can be carried on one page and the whole history of the discussion is in one place for review and later archive.

John Morris (user, reader, author, admin, Farmer) :-)
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