[pmwiki-users] A new recipe: Wikipedia-like category links processing.

Mateusz Czapliński mateusz at czaplinski.pl
Fri Aug 5 09:00:11 CDT 2005

Hoorah, I've finally managed to make the script work. I had to choose 
some other solutions than I intended in some points, but that's the 
code's life :)

The recipe is at: http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/WPCategories
(WP is for WikiPedia), with some lovely screenshots attached :)


How can I make PmWiki list all Categories certain page belongs to at the 
bottom of the page, like it's done in Wikipedia? and to have a 
category-list page, listing all pages in the category?


The WPCategories.php script is a PmWiki plugin, which collects all 
[[Category:Something]] links on a page, and lists them all in a pretty 
box at the bottom of the page. Additionally, it automatically adds a 
listing of all pages in the category to each page in the Category group.


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