[pmwiki-users] string "include Main.GroupFooter" on every page / upload restrictions / groups / inline images / URL icons / ALT tags

Daniel Friedmann list at linuxing.de
Thu Apr 21 02:40:40 CDT 2005

Hello Patrick

>or, if you just want to set the default of the main page (used when
>accessed without a pagename), try
>    $DefaultPage = 'Main.StartSeite';

That's it. Thank you.

>For each group you can create a sidebar called Group.SideBar, which is
>used instead of Main.SideBar when it exists.

This is so obvious but I didn't realize it.

>> "inline images":
>Set up an InterMap reference:  [[http://www.spampal.org | Local:eng.gif]] .
>See http://www.pmwiki.org/

>> "automated URL icons":
>In your local/config.php, change the setting for $UrlLinkFmt to whatever
>you want for the external URL.

>> "ALT tags":
>Put the alt-tag in quotes after the image name, as in
>http://www.example.com/image.gif"Alt tag text"

Ok, there's no feature that automatically shows the file name or link as alt tag. What about that feature on your wish list?

Many thanks for your answers. Now I only need some time for my Wiki...


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