[pmwiki-users] Buildforms, new functionalities

Pierre Rouzeau pierre at rouzeau.net
Sat Apr 2 09:02:55 CST 2005

Hello all,

I have issued a new revision of the module buildforms, which help 
building HTML form in a pmwiki page.


The news are:

A/It is now possible to display in a page the values of another page 
(which may allow to have an 'input' page and a 'result' page) :

(:frdinit ReadPage:)
(:frd valname1:)
(:frd valname2 disp:)
(:frd valname3 disp:)

or for a lone value

(:frd valnamex page=AnotherPage disp:)

The disp flag use the content of 'disp=' parameter set in the input page 
   to have a cleaner display. Without this flag, only the 'naked' value 
is displayed.

B/ You can send the values to a cgi which can be anywhere on the web
This is done when initialising the form

(:frminit action="http://www.myownsite.org/cgi-bin/fromWiki.cgi":)

Parameters are stored locally before being sent to the cgi.

Only an 'ok' button send the values to the cgi, so you can have a 'save' 
button to store locally before sending to the cgi.

C/ Some minor evolutions
frmfield can display its input after the text with pos=right
frmhidden can pass hidden parameters
button 'wipe' will clean orphan .val and .prm files

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