[Pmwiki-users] Cookbook for 'PageListWikiTrails'

Val Sharp val
Wed Nov 17 12:50:33 CST 2004

I've been tring out a modification to PmWiki's trails.php script, and 
have put up a test version in the Cookbook at:

Basically, it allows (:pagelist ... :) directives to be used in the 
construction of trails, either on the index page specified in the 
normal WikiTrails markup, or by allowing a (:pagelist ... :) directive 
to be put directly in a modified WikiTrails markup, i.e. <<(:pagelist 
... :)>>

At the moment, trail links derived from pagelist directives are in the 
'simple' form, with the full name given.

And the new <<(:pagelist ... :)>> markup will omit the central group 
link, and align the previous and next links at the edges of the page.

Feedback would be helpful  :-)

Best regards,
Val Sharp - Edinburgh

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