[Pmwiki-users] synonyms?

Chris Lott chris.lott
Wed Nov 17 10:18:07 CST 2004

I Am working on a project that will link a web glossary with three
different languages (english, lating, yupik) to a wiki for comments. I
am trying to figure out how to handle the need for one wiki entry page
for three different terms. Does PMWiki have support for some kind of
"synonyms" structure where I could define that these three terms all
direct to the same page?

I know I could do this with some kind of middle translation table that
accepted the request and directed to the proper page, but if I can
avoid that middle step I certainly wouldn't mind :)

I'm also pondering how to make it easier for users to cross-link
within the wiki-- i.e. if they are commenting on "term a" and want to
reference "term b" then this same kind of problem appears. Maybe a
middle application handling that redirection is the only solution?

Chris Lott

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