[Pmwiki-users] PmWikiDraw New version

Ciaran ciaranj
Wed Nov 3 06:51:15 CST 2004

Following yet more great feedback from Knut.  I've released another
version of PmWikiDraw containing some small bugfixes.

This script now works on either PmWiki 1 or 2  and the only changes to
a vanilla pmwiki installation (other than including the script!) is a
small change to upload.php.

* Uses $ScriptUrl?pagename=<page> rather than $ScriptURL/<page>/ for
servers that can't handle the latter
* Fixed the directive so it can be used anywhere on a line, rather
than at the start of the line (doh!)

Pending fix
* Ability to use 'Group.PageName' as a url in the editing window. 
I've fixed this on my test version, but it uses a <base/> element and
I'm not convinced this is a good solution :)  So it isn't included in
this version of PmWikiDraw.

- ciaran

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