[Pmwiki-users] Re: Image sizes, alt tags, and more (was: Image display resizing problem)

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Tue Mar 2 12:05:17 CST 2004

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 12:31:57PM -0600, Jonathan Scott Duff wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 06:59:28PM +0100, Christian Ridderstr??m wrote:
> > > but now looks like it will be
> > > 
> > >     http://foo.com/cgi-bin/mapper.cgi?parm1&dummy=.gif#alt=My_Map
> However, it would be nice to have a simple syntax for setting the alt
> attribute as I think that will be quite common.  Hmm.
> 	[[image WikiPub:toast.jpg alt=flaming_poptarts!]]
> 	WikiPub:toast.jpg#alt=flaming_poptarts!
> 	[[image http://foo.com/cgi-bin/mapper.cgi?parm1 alt=My_Map]]
> 	http://foo.com/cgi-bin/mapper.cgi?parm1&dummy=.gif#alt=My_Map

Oh jeepers, please don't do this to me.  Yet *another* interpretation
for double brackets?  

"Well, double brackets are used to be able to specify alternate 
text for a link, except when they begin with 'image', in which case 
they're an alternate syntax for image URLs to let you specify alt= 
text, and you can't specify alt= text if the image is being used as 
the text of a link, because PmWiki doesn't support the  [[WikiWord 
[[image http://foo.com/cgi-bin/mapper.cgi?parm1 alt=My_Map]]]] markup, 
not that anyone can figure out what it's supposed to be anyway, and
if using the brackets you have to figure out yourself if you want 
align=left or align=right added to float the image because PmWiki 
can't add it for you...  sigh."

We might as well just write <img src='....' alt='...' />.

> The syntax you propose makes me want to have quoted strings though
> rather than _ converted to spaces.
> 	[[image http://foo.com/cgi-bin/mapper.cgi?parm1 alt="My Map"]]
> 	[[image WikiPub:toast.jpg alt="flaming poptarts!"]]
> but somehow I think that complicates things slightly from an
> implementation perspective :)

The spaces are somewhat complicated but not *that* complicated.


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