[Pmwiki-users] customizing a page that reads from a file and queries a server

Armine ocampo armine_ocampo2004
Tue Jul 20 10:16:30 CDT 2004

Hello! I am writing again to inquire about this. I
tried reading the pmwiki documentations but I dont
seem to get any informations about this.
  I am to customize a certain page (called
  which is kind of complicated. TestResults is to
  display some bug numbers along with the descriptions
  of each bug. In doing this, I have to read from a
  the bug numbers and then using that number, I have
  query a certain server for it. Once I am able to
  the query, I would have to display in a table all
  bug numbers along with their descriptions. I know I
  would have to create a template for this one page
  I am not sure on where to get started. Where xactly
  can I write my php code to read from the file and
  query the server? Can you please give me an idea.
  If I am to write a script to do this, where should
  they be?
  Please help!

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