[Pmwiki-users] sandbox reset

Jason Grossman Jason.Grossman
Mon Jul 19 19:03:42 CDT 2004

> It would be useful to have a link automaticly added to the sandbox
> page(s) to reset them to a default. That way you can easyly erase what
> someone else has done and restore it to the default with just a click.
> I've seen this in other Wikis.

In my humble opinion (no offence intended!) this would be horrible 
creeping featuritis if put into the default distribution.   Much better 
to make it a cookbook entry.

If you're wondering what the big deal is about this, it's that anything 
added to the default distribution means expanding the main 
documentation and therefore making it more complicated and less 
idiot-proof ... whereas cookbook entries are documented separately and 
so idiots don't have to worry about them.  It may seem like a fine 
distinction, but I really think it's a very important one.

Jason G.

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