[Pmwiki-users] RevisionMarks - How do I activate them?

John Feezell johnfeezell
Thu Oct 23 08:05:08 CDT 2003

I would like to include revision marks as an editing option but I found 
only the following discussion in PmWiki.

Could someone provide instructions about how to install them on a wiki?

What is needed to use the double-bracket macro [[revisions]]?

Anyone planning additional work in this area?



From: PmWiki.RevisionMarks

Based on the current bigger and smaller markup, the prototype encyclopedia 
is using {+inserted text+} and {-deleted text-} markup. By default, these 
get translated into the <ins> and <del> HTML tags.

A [[revisions]] macro allows the page rendering to toggle between Hide 
Revisions and Show Revisions. More PmWikiBracketAbuse.

A possible future enhancement would be an Accept Revisions option that puts 
the author into the edit screen with all revision markup removed from the 
page, ready for a Save. -- 

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