[Pmwiki-users] inserting an "as-is" block of text in wiki pages

fcecin@inf.ufrgs.br fcecin
Wed Oct 22 11:15:49 CDT 2003

How do I insert a block of text in a pmwiki page that is pre-formatted and that should 
not have it's wiki words interpreted?

I tried to use:


but then I lose the linebreaks. I also tried to use:


(with spaces in front) but then I get wikiwords interpreted. I can use spaces in front
together with one [= .... =] per line, but this would be a real pain.

What I am trying to do is paste (Java) code in the wiki, but I don't find a way to leave
it preformatted and without wikiword interpretation. Also, inserting a space between
every line is not a perfect solution. What I really needed was HTML's <pre>...</pre> 
tag with the additional benefit of not interpreting wikiwords or other wiki markup.

Here is an example:


class Tarefa {

  public void executar() {

     System.out.println("Executando uma tarefa...");

     try {
     } catch (InterruptedException ex) { }

     System.out.println("Terminou de executar uma tarefa!");


In this example, "InterruptedException" gets interpreted as wikiword, and if 
somebody tries to cut and paste this code, he/she will get 
"InterruptedException?" in the code which will obviously not compile :-)


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