[Pmwiki-users] Log of activity

Jean-Claude Wiki
Sun Oct 19 06:34:12 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I run different Pmwikis on my server, where the main activity is not at all related to these wikis. Of course, I obtain from my provider the log of activities (starting with the previous day), but sorting take too long. I wanted to have an overview of activty for each of my wikis.

Furthermore, one of my wikis is reserved for a closed group of users with a group password. I provided each member with a login name and a password (in fact the same for all). Cheating is still possible, but these users are not that much inclined to experiment.

So I made a simple php script which gives (almost in real time) for each call to the wiki:

the counter, the login name (if provided), the IP address (already given with [[$LastModifiedHost]]), the name of the ISP closest node, the navigator, the OS, the date and time, and the referrer, when it exists.

the link to the Cookbook is http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Cookbook/WikiSimpleLog

Jean-Claude (wiki at jcgg.net)

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