[Pmwiki-users] Local Site Shortcut

Dave Jackson dave.jackson
Thu Oct 9 04:41:53 CDT 2003


I am looking for a way to make sites portable, that is work on a site
copied/developed on my laptop, and the do a straight file copy to the
'real' server.  I want to include external documents, (users choice, not
mine), so I have to type something like
http://mylaptop/Wiki/pdfs/somefile.pdf to achieve this.  I thought about
the local intermap file and came used 

here <tab> http://mylaptop/Wiki/ 

Which works well, but what would be nice is an addition of global names
(ThisPage, ThisGroup, and ThisWiki) to include ThisSite, that is the
same as ThisWiki but without the string 'pmWiki.php'  

I could then not worry about forgetting to change this on the site if I
(inadvertently) copy localmap.txt up.

I've had a look, and tried adding the following to local.php:
$SiteUrl = 'http://'.$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_HOST'];
$InterMapUrls['ThisSite'] = $SiteUrl;

But it don't work :(


David Jackson 

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