[Pmwiki-users] Mailposts not working

Winfried Mueller towinni
Mon Nov 24 10:47:54 CST 2003

Am Mon, 24 Nov 2003 12:09:38 -0000, "Edward Andrews"
<edward at aldreth.com> schrieb:

>> You can output a debug msg to a file in the function
>> scripts/mailposts.php#MailPostsSendmail. If this debug message
>> are wrote, it think, the pmwiki-System works correct and the
>> point of the problem is the sendmail command. Then, you can also
>> write a own dummy sendmail command as a simple shell script and
>> can check, whether this is correct called with correct arguments.
>> This shell script should be the same permissions, as the original
>> sendmail-command.
>Do you mean go to this web address
>If i do this, i get a 403 access forbidden error.  The permissions on the
>mailposts.php file are 644.

No, go on the shell into the scripts folder and edit in the
mailposts.php the function MailPostsSendmail. This is only a
possibility, if you have basic Know How from php/shell

>> It is possible, that you can't call the external sendmail
>> command? (a permission problem) -> login with the www user
>> account and test it.

>mail "local.php" edward at aldreth.com < local.php

under which user are logged in? Test it under the same user the
apache worked. By debian woody it is www-data:

# su www-data
# mail "local.php" edward at aldreth.com < local.php

Show in the wiki.d folder, what user have the wiki-pages. This is
the correct user for test the mail command.

Winfried Mueller

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