[Pmwiki-users] Can't do $EnablePathInfo = 1 ????

Rich Schmidt rich
Tue Nov 4 21:58:05 CST 2003

OK, I'm doing a little more digging...

pmwiki.php contains the following line:

$EnablePathInfo = !preg_match("/^cgi/",php_sapi_name());

And when I run phpinfo() on my webhost, it lists, among other things,
"Server API: CGI".

If I'm reading both of those things correctly (and I might not be), it
sounds like I just won't be able to use "clean" URLs.

Is that right?  And if so, why?  :)

Thanks for any help,
Rich Schmidt

Rich Schmidt said:
> Hi, all...
> For some reason, when I put $EnablePathInfo = 1; into local.php, I get
> errors.  The URLs start doing what I want (pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage
> instead of pmwiki.php?pagename=Main.HomePage), but I get internal server
> error 500 (or something).
> Is there some setting that's not right on the server?  An Apache setting
> that our webhost could change?
> I've been trying to do the ChangePmWikiURL stuff, but it keeps crapping
> out here...
> Thanks for any help,
> Rich Schmidt
> PS - I'm pretty sure that I'm not screwing up any of the steps.  I have
> the php files' syntax correct, the .htaccess files are correct (as far
> as the instructions go, at least), etc.  That's why I'm wondering if
> there's a server setting I'm missing.  Esp. since pmwiki seems to be
> defaulting to $EnablePathInfo = 0.  At least it's behaving that way...
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