[Pmwiki-users] Can't do $EnablePathInfo = 1 ????

Rich Schmidt rich
Tue Nov 4 21:39:42 CST 2003

Hi, all...

For some reason, when I put $EnablePathInfo = 1; into local.php, I get
errors.  The URLs start doing what I want (pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage
instead of pmwiki.php?pagename=Main.HomePage), but I get internal server
error 500 (or something).

Is there some setting that's not right on the server?  An Apache setting
that our webhost could change?

I've been trying to do the ChangePmWikiURL stuff, but it keeps crapping
out here...

Thanks for any help,
Rich Schmidt

PS - I'm pretty sure that I'm not screwing up any of the steps.  I have
the php files' syntax correct, the .htaccess files are correct (as far as
the instructions go, at least), etc.  That's why I'm wondering if there's
a server setting I'm missing.  Esp. since pmwiki seems to be defaulting to
$EnablePathInfo = 0.  At least it's behaving that way...

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