[Pmwiki-users] TrailPage oddity

Glenn Blalock gblalock at grandecom.net
Thu Mar 13 10:15:06 CST 2003

Pm asks:

> In particular, if a trail contains
>    * [[WikiLink some random text]]
> then what should appear in the wiki trail output-- "WikiLink" 
> or "some random text"?  I can see arguments for both.  Having 
> it display WikiLink is much easier (already did this on 
> pmichaud.com), but having it display 
> "some random text" might be more consistent with what happens with 
> {{free link}}s in a WikiTrail.

As I consider all the ways I can / will use the trail feature, I'd opt
for the "some random text" display.  That gives users more flexibility.


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