[Pmwiki-users] Who owns the PmWiki documentation?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Mon Mar 10 15:34:17 CST 2003

On 7 Mar 2003, John Rankin wrote:

> As I see the wonderful richness of documentation emerging for PmWiki, I 
> find myself pondering things like: who owns this, can I change it, can 
> I reuse parts of it elsewhere, should I sign contributions I make, if 
> I contribute what rights as an author am I ceding (if any) and so on.

Overall I think the issue of copyrights on the PmWiki documentation
pages are pretty much a non-issue, but I agree it would be worthwhile to
have a clear statement about them somewhere (and I've been thinking on that).
Without getting into a legal copyright statement just yet, what I'd like
to have happen is that the pages in the PmWiki group on pmichaud.com are
freely editable and distributable, and that anyone who contributes 
information to the PmWiki group is willing to have their contributions
be freely edited and redistributed (possibly w/o attribution depending
on the nature of the edits).  Whether this will happen through the existing
PmWiki GPL, the GNU Free Documentation License, or some other licensing/
copyright scheme, I haven't decided yet.  Rather than have the
disclaimer appear on every page, I'll probably just add copyright page
that tries to make this clear somewhere and have some references to it.

The other pages on the pmichaud.com site--i.e., the ones that do not
appear in the PmWiki group--are copyright by Patrick R. Michaud unless
I've explicitly disclaimed otherwise.


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