[Pmwiki-users] notes on pmwiki documentation

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Mon Mar 3 14:32:22 CST 2003

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my pleas for help with
the PmWiki documentation.  The popular consensus appears to be
that all of the PmWiki-supplied pages except the Main.HomePage
should be in the PmWiki group.  So, I'm going to bow to popular
wisdom and go with that, but I'm going to keep the WikiSandbox
in Main also, just because it's another common place to use as
a starting point for new pages.

The PmWiki.CreateNewPage instructions and similar documents will
all have phrasings to the effect that you should link to the new
page from an existing page, and that Main.HomePage and/or 
Main.WikiSandbox are good places to create links to new pages if 
you're not sure where else to put them.

As another visual cue, I'm going to default-configure the PmWiki.* 
pages so that they have a slightly different background color than
the pages on the rest of the site, to make it a bit more obvious
that somehow there's a difference between the groups.  Also, I'm
going to put the group names as part of the default header (they
have not been there prior to now).

John Rankin has added some excellent pages starting at Main.TipsForEditing
(which will soon be moved to PmWiki.TipsForEditing) that are worth
looking at.  Thanks, John!

More later, and thanks to everyone for your contributions!


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