[Pmwiki-users] notes on pmwiki documentation

Janice Heinold heinold at falcon.tamucc.edu
Mon Mar 3 10:20:09 CST 2003

OK, I haven't checked my email all weekend, so this is going to refer to
several messages.=20

[Scott Duff]
> > Are you suggesting that all of the pages provided with PmWiki belong =

> > in the PmWiki group, or just some of them?
> The former.

I second that. How many sites will have PmWiki as their main topic? Have =
default or index page in "Main" point to the documentation, and possibly
explain to newbie administrators why all the documentation pages are in =
Pmwiki group.

> A relatively new user gets onto a PmWiki site and begins browsing the
pages.  In=20
> particular there are a number of pages that describe the WikiWikiWeb =
how easy it is =20
> to edit pages simply by clicking on the "edit page" link at the bottom =
the page.  So, =20
> our user does what it says, adds "MyNewWikiPage" into one of the =
> documentation pages (in the PmWiki group), follows the link to begin=20
> creating his own pages, and lo-and-behold he happily begins creating=20
> a whole slew of new pages and links within the PmWiki WikiGroup,=20
> when really a site administrator would probably prefer those pages=20
> to be created in "Main", at least.

Brainstorming... I'm not sure how feasible this is, but would it be =
to "lock" pages in the Pmwiki group? Or, if pages are created from =
pages without an explicit GroupName, have those pages be assigned to the
group Main? This would be only for the Pmwiki group, not other groups.

Ex1: New user edits Pmwiki.TextFormattingRules and creates link to =
The page that is created is Main.TestPage, not Pmwiki.Testpage.=20

Ex2: The wiki administrator, who understands wiki groups, edits
Pmwiki.TextFormattingRules and creates link to =
The page that is created is Pmwiki.MoreFormattingNotes.

[Louis Katz]
> Despite my appreciation of the KISS principal  I think the users guide =

> might be most productive if it was multi structured.
> BeginnersWiki (quickstart)-Simple Formatting...
> IntermediateWiki-The rest of the formatting, layout, and linking=20
> commands.
> AdvancedWiki-Passwords, the local.php file. GroupHeader's and the =

Sounds like a good idea to me. Or, at the very least, mark the topics on
http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/DocumentationIndex with [Beginner],
[Advanced], etc. I think it would help people who are new to the system,
especially as the markup gets more complex. It would help them choose =
help topics to read about first, which to leave for later when they have =
better handle on things, etc.

I can't think of another example at the moment except


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