[Pmwiki-users] Questions on using 0.5 beta

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Jun 8 17:58:15 CDT 2003

1. My browser (iCab) is reporting use of "/" in tags as an error (eg, =
things like <p /> and <br />). I assume this is an HTML vs XHTML issue. It =
also reports use of & instead of &amp; in the uploads script.

2. I have a couple of scripts that read and sort AllRecentChanges and =
RecentChanges to generate alphabetic inter-group and previous/next =
navigation as part of the page header and footer. I learnt that I have to =
set the $WikiLibDirs array in local.php. Is there a reason that pmwiki =
sets this array after local.php is read and if not, would it be possible =
to move this before local.php?

3. For the alphabetic previous/next navigation (read and sort =
RecentChanges), I only want to include this in one group, before the =
footer. I am not clear what is the most appropriate way to do this with =
the new options available in 0.5. Options appear to be:
a. include a line in local.php like
    $PageFooterFmt =3D $NavBar . $PageFooterFmt
  and initialise $NavBar in the Groupname.php script in local

b. create a [[navbar]] $BrowseDirective entry that (somehow) inserts the =
contents of $NavBar after the page body and before the $PageFooterFmt and =
put [[navbar]] in the GroupHeader

c. redefine $HandleBrowseFmt in Groupname.php to include a call to a =
NavBar function

d. create [[navbar]] as a $DoubleBrackets entry and manually insert it at =
the end of every page in the group

My perference is to set up the feature and let authors control its =
inclusion, ie b (preferred) or d.

But I'm not clear how the new scheme works best. Is there a worked example =
that I can look at?

The application is basically a "card catalogue" of research projects.

Thanks in advance, and as always, the new release looks great.
John Rankin
Affinity Limited

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