[Pmwiki-users] InterMap definitions

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon Feb 17 16:54:27 CST 2003

Comments, ideas, suggestions?  This is where I can really use advice from
the "non-technical/programmer" folks out there who are using PmWiki who =
tell me what would be easiest for them.  :-)

A (non-technical) confession:
One of the nice things about pmwiki is that it's so easy to localise. And =
it pulls this writer out of his knowledge safety zone into unconscious =
incompetence (Phillip Armour calls the moment when a bug is detected "an =
epiphany of knowledge").

I put scripts that I write in the scripts directory, 'cos I thought that's =
what it was for. I put group-specific stuff in the local directory, also '=
cos I thought that's what it was for, being where pgcust.php looks.

I worried about the change I made to trails.php to cope with {{free links}}=
 and will rename it x-trails.php.

A possible approach (magic wand stuff):
Two directories, called extensions and extensions-disabled. Everything in =
extensions gets loaded automatically.

A screen that an administrator can call up in a browser that lists all =
extensions in alphabetical order, with a check mark against those that are =
enabled and a short description against each item.

Extensions may have to be loaded in a specific order (freelinks.php has to =
load first for some other things to work, for example). The rule would be =
that they load alphabetically.

An option could be to have an extensions.php file with include statements =
commented or not, to control which scripts reside in the extensions =
directory on the fly. Although I can't think of a use for it, this would =
create the possibility of having different extensions.php files for =
different groups (or even different pages). (Actually now that I think =
about it, I can see situations where one only wants to include a script =

If pmwiki automatically loads everything in the extensions directory, how =
would that cope with conditional includes? Does it need to?

Last word:
I support the goal of providing more documentation and usage guidelines -- =
am happy to contribute if there are areas where I can add value.
John Rankin

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