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Carlo Strozzi carlos
Thu Aug 28 04:06:46 CDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 08:26:45PM -0300, Pedro Miller Rabinovitch wrote:
> Now, here's the thing -- why did I even come up with this idea in the first 
> place?
> 1) People discussing what's the "best" (_their_ best, of course) way to 
> mark-up;
> 2) The fact that many of my pages, in particular those which talk a lot about 
> code, are starting to look ugly from too many @@oohs@@ and [=aahs=] (or in my 
> specific case, [[@@function doIt( tbl) ... end @@]], which is my particular 
> multi-lined "code" delimiter -- more on this on another occasion).

This discussion is certainly interesting, but once again I would like to
stress one point: if we have to furhter sophisticate the current PmWiki
markup then we had better to revert to XML right away, and re-design the
whole system from ground-up. The need for two-way conversions should be
handled with XML+XSLT and all those well-known technologies. The system
could adopt a client-server design, with a downloadable WYSIWYG editor
module (written in some client-side scripting language for browser
plug-in's, such as java or macromedia flash), with an RPC-style protocol
between the client and the server part (like XML-RPC or something), and
things like that. But are we really sure we want to start a big project
like that ? Or shouldn't we rather stick with what a wiki is supposed to
be, that is a *simple* HTML on-line editor "for the masses" ?

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