[Pmwiki-users] Question regarding setup of webserver. (CORRECTED)

Christian Ridderström chr
Thu Aug 21 09:10:53 CDT 2003

> > > > Note that Apache 2.0 installations still need to set "AcceptPathInfo On"
> > > > in order for this to work.
> > 
> > Is this relevant for the solution above?
> Yes, for those sites running Apache 2.0 or higher.  

Ok, I hadn't realized the "Apache 2.0 or higher", thanks.

> They're represented as http://wiki.somewhere.org/Main/HomePage .
Great - I was confused by wiki.lyx.org, where links are represented as
but that's probably because /pmiwki.php has been Alias:ed.

> > I take it that this documentation should go here?
> > 	http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/ChangePmWikiURL
> Probably, although that page is getting a bit long.  Since there are
> quite a number of different setup possibilities developing, we may need
> to refactor the topic into several pages, which could go either in the
> PmWiki documentation or else in the Cookbook.  

I agree, the page is getting a bit long. I'll have a look at it next week 
(once I've seen how it works on wiki.lyx.org) and see if I can refactor 
it in a nice way.

IMO, this information should at least be linked to from the 
'Installation'-pages, since I think you should decide on the 
base-URL of PmWiki before you start giving other people links to your 
site. Otherwise those links might break in the future. Anyway, I'll make 
any changes in a separate set of pages and let you look at it first.


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