[Pmwiki-users] Question regarding setup of webserver. (CORRECTED)

Christian Ridderström chr
Thu Aug 21 08:22:38 CDT 2003


On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>     AliasMatch ^/([A-Z].*) /file/path/to/pmwiki.php/$1

Just to be *really* sure: You tested this and it works so that you can 
have URI's such as:

You said you tested it on a "local" server... could this break if you 
aren't using a local server? (I mean if you were using file:// or 
something, I'm not familiar with web-servers)

> > Note that Apache 2.0 installations still need to set "AcceptPathInfo On"
> > in order for this to work.

Is this relevant for the solution above?

Finally, given that the URIs above work, will the page links still be 
represented as:

It would be cool if instead these links where represented as:

Anyway, once this all works, I'll be happy to add some comments about it 
to the documentation. Including a note that this solution blocks access to 
.html-pages where the first file part starts with a captial letter.

I take it that this documentation should go here?



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