[Pmwiki-users] Question regarding setup of webserver.

Christian Ridderström chr
Wed Aug 20 09:46:19 CDT 2003

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Carlo Strozzi wrote:

> For such things (and if you are using Apache) you need to set-up the
> mod_rewrite rules appropriately. Have a look at the Apache documentation for
> details.
Thanks, I've passed this info along to the guy with access to the 

> > Do any of you know if this is possible to achieve? I've looked at about 20 
> > PmWiki-sites, and haven't found this to work anywhere.
> Probably because they do not run just PmWiki but also other applications,
> so having every URL rewritten to trigger PmWiki would not be appropriate.
Maybe.. or they simply didn't know how. Hopefully they'll read this and 
know then.

> > But it should be possible, a MoinMoin-site (http://wiki.dotgnu.org/), has 
> > this working fine.
> Yes, but note that "wiki" in the host name, which probably means that
> the relevant web server is dedicated to running a wiki.

That's fine in this case (wiki.lyx.org v.s. www.lyx.org).


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