[Pmwiki-users] internationalization & flexlayout

Andreas Streim andreas
Sun Aug 10 15:29:25 CDT 2003


I'm rather new to pmwiki and still experimenting befor using it in 
the "real world wide web".

Now I found out, that if I use "Internationalization" it is 
impossible to use "FlexLayout" as well, because FlexLayout has 
hardcoded the English terms in the script.

Is there any idea how I can tell FlexLayout not to use hard coded 
words but the variables used by Internationalization?

Andreas Streim, Bornholmer Str. 72, D-10439 Berlin, Germany
Fon (030) 446514-25, Fax -64, e-Mail: andreas at streim.de (pgp-key)

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