[Pmwiki-users] creating links automatically for javascript: URLs (ie, bookmarklets)??

Matt Vance mvance
Sat Aug 9 12:31:10 CDT 2003

I've started to create a WikiTrails presentation about bookmarklets (small 
javascript programs contained in web browser bookmarks) and I would like to 
include some example bookmarklets in the presentation pages.

It would be easiest if I could configure PmWiki to create links 
automatically for "javascript:" URLs, but maybe that would be a security 
risk as someone could potentially add malicious javascripts to pages.  Is 
there a way that PmWiki could create the links, but also confine the 
capability only to certain WikiGroups?  Am I best off just including the 
bookmarklets as $InlineReplacements in my local.php file?


p.s. -- For more information about just what a bookmarklet is, see this 
page:  http://www.bookmarklets.com/tools/data/index.phtml

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