[Pmwiki-users] Publishing a WikiTrail (or a WikiBook)

John Rankin john.rankin
Thu Aug 7 15:08:19 CDT 2003

> ---
> That works for me! Yes, please. So I just write
>     $PublishList[] = "wiki:$pages[$i]";
> and set $PrintWikiNotFoundFmt. Cool!

Done, implemented in pmwiki-0.5.16.  However, I changed the variable
name to be $PrintWikiPageNotFoundFmt to match the function name more
closely.  :-)

Suggestion: perhaps pmwiki should do a PrintText rather than a print -- that way, wiki markup and page names will render.

As the Toyota ad says: bugger!

The publish.php script does


where these are defined to contain

  $Group.GroupPrintHeader and $Group.GroupPrintFooter

If these pages don't exist, I get the contents of $PrintWikiPageNotFoundFmt. The script has improved its handling of cases where [[SomePage alternate text]] refers to a NotFound page. It puts out

  Page ''SomePage (alternate text)'' does not exist.

using function:PrintText ...

So I ended up defining a $PublishPageNotFoundFmt variable. 

Those interested can download a copy from
It works with 0.5.17 as is. There are a couple of line comments to be swapped with earlier 0.5 versions.
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