[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki localization ?

Carlo Strozzi carlos
Tue Aug 5 11:25:30 CDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 10:07:10AM -0600, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> Another, possibly simpler, solution to all of this is may be to leave the
> $RecentChanges array alone (so that all updates are still recorded in
> $Group.RecentChanges and Main.AllRecentChanges), then create 
> language-specific titles that do an [[include:...]] of other page.
> I.e., create Main.TuttiICambiaRecenti that contains just the line
> "[[include:Main.RecentChanges]]", and for each group create a page
> Group.ModificheRecenti with the line "[[include:Group.RecentChanges]]".
> Otherwise, page changes on multilingual sites will be spread across
> several RecentChanges/ModificheRecenti/DerniersModifications/etc.
> pages, depending on the language in effect when the pages were modified.

Excellent suggestion! I'll take it :-)

> The creation of the per-group pages with the [[include:]] text could 
> even be easily automated by the i18n-it.php and other i18n files.

Can you show me an example ? To me it sounds like te best way to go.
Still on the localization side, I'm working like mad at translating all
I can into italian :-P I'm aiming at finishing at least most 1st level pages
in a couple of days. What I'm not going to translate (for the moment) are
installation and admin instructions, as any sysadmin I know of can
certainly read english technical docs. The trouble are users (as always :-)

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