[Pmwiki-users] Enforcing quotas on pmwiki

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Tue Aug 5 01:46:01 CDT 2003

Upload quotas are now implemented in version 0.5.16 (just released).  

For a per-group quota, simply set $UploadPrefixQuota in local.php 
or local/Group.php to the maximum amount of space (in bytes) you'll 
allow for all upload files in the group.  $UploadDirQuota specifies 
the maximum amount of space allowed for the entire upload directory.  
By default quotas are unlimited.

For example, setting 

    $UploadPrefixQuota = 80000;
    $UploadDirQuota = 500000;

places an 80K quota on uploads in the per-group directory, and a 500K 
quota on the entire upload directory.


On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 12:59:28PM -0700, Kyle Banerjee wrote:
> >Wow, that's a loaded question.  Depends on how you're setting up
> >the pmwiki installation...are you thinking of havi a single pmwiki
> >installation and separate things by WikiGroups, or were you planning
> >to actually have multiple installations of PmWiki?
> We were thinking of having a single pmwiki installation with separate 
> quotas by WikiGroups
> >Also, are you wanting to place quotas on just uploaded files, or the
> >wiki pages as well?  Keep in mind that the wiki pages do not tend to
> >consume a lot of disk space, on one of the academic wikis I manage we
> >have over 2500 pages that use a total of about 2.5MB of disk space,
> >for an average of 10K per page (including the page revision history).
> Actually, the quota is mainly for uploaded files. Based on discussions 
> we've had with our user community (various state agencies), we expect them 
> to upload maps, huge powerpoint presentations, etc that will overwhelm our 
> disk space if not kept in check.
> >Adding quotas for uploaded files is a feature I'm thinking will eventually
> >exist, but I haven't heard much demand for it as yet so I've been focusing
> >on other tasks.  When implemented, upload quotas would be available on a
> >per-group or per-site basis.
> Per group would be best. We'd be providing services to state agencies and 
> the ability to give a bit more space to important functions and those we 
> depend on for our existence. Thanks,
> kyle
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> Kyle Banerjee
> Oregon State Library
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> (503)378-4243 ext. 260
> kyle.banerjee at state.or.us

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