[Pmwiki-users] Enforcing quotas on pmwiki

Kyle Banerjee kyle.banerjee
Fri Aug 1 13:53:26 CDT 2003

>Wow, that's a loaded question.  Depends on how you're setting up
>the pmwiki installation...are you thinking of havi a single pmwiki
>installation and separate things by WikiGroups, or were you planning
>to actually have multiple installations of PmWiki?

We were thinking of having a single pmwiki installation with separate 
quotas by WikiGroups

>Also, are you wanting to place quotas on just uploaded files, or the
>wiki pages as well?  Keep in mind that the wiki pages do not tend to
>consume a lot of disk space, on one of the academic wikis I manage we
>have over 2500 pages that use a total of about 2.5MB of disk space,
>for an average of 10K per page (including the page revision history).

Actually, the quota is mainly for uploaded files. Based on discussions 
we've had with our user community (various state agencies), we expect them 
to upload maps, huge powerpoint presentations, etc that will overwhelm our 
disk space if not kept in check.

>Adding quotas for uploaded files is a feature I'm thinking will eventually
>exist, but I haven't heard much demand for it as yet so I've been focusing
>on other tasks.  When implemented, upload quotas would be available on a
>per-group or per-site basis.

Per group would be best. We'd be providing services to state agencies and 
the ability to give a bit more space to important functions and those we 
depend on for our existence. Thanks,


Kyle Banerjee
Oregon State Library
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