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Robin robin
Fri Aug 1 23:55:47 CDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 10:30:18AM -0400, benoit brosseau wrote:
> Hey PM any advice for a PhD student that just feel like throwing it all
> out of the window ;-)
hehe, sounded like my masters until about a week ago :) however (and I 
know this sounds like a 'satisfied customer comment' on an 
infomercial, sorry), I've started documenting a whole lot more, 
basically using the wiki as a giant scratch pad, and thats been making a 
whole lot of difference with keeping me focussed and having a list of 
things I need to do where they won't get forgotten (and it means that if 
I want for something to do, I have all those '?' pages to fill in).
If you like, see how I'm doing it here:

(Of course, I also have to do a presentation in two weeks time, so that 
provides a lot of motivation/panic, too :)

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