[Pmwiki-users] two questions

Glenn Blalock gblalock at clearsource.net
Mon Sep 9 23:29:50 CDT 2002

1--Perhaps I dreamt that I've done this, but how do I create a
target/bookmark link on a wiki page?  In other words, how can I move
from one part of a page to another with a link to a target?  Or can I?
(I read/re re re read the short explanation in wiki help.  I'm dense.)

2--The TAMU-CC Wiki does a neat thing with "groups" (I think it's
groups).  The header includes the group name / page title.  How are you
doing that?  Will you send me the code?

3--(OK, so I can't count)--Did you (all) tell me that we currently can't
create a URL on a Wiki page that will open a page in a new window?  I
know I asked the question before, but don't remember a definitive



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