[pmwiki-devel] Admin interface design ideas

Henrik Bechmann henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 5 10:15:43 CST 2009

Yes, at least one file (the main file SiteAdmin.Config.xml) at each page 
request I imagine. I'm using PHP 5.2 though, so I'm hoping SimpleXML or 
some such would be both easy to program and fast.

I have one or two other things to do before I do this one, though. In 
the meantime you have an interesting point and I'll keep it in mind...

OTOH it may be an opportunity to become more familiar with xml as a 
data-maintainable data source, and develop a realtively generic 
mechanism for maintaining an xml file through the interface. I currently 
use xml for google maps mix-ins for instance, but would like to be able 
to put a front end on that.

Many things to consider.

Thanks for the thought.

- Henrik

Christian Ridderström wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Henrik Bechmann wrote:
>> Thanks Patrick. In that case I'll probably do an xml file, to allow 
>> it to be directly edited.
>> Group.Page.xml
>> ...stored in wiki.d
>> Sound OK?
> I thought about suggesting XML, but then I wondered if perhaps the 
> overhead of parsing it will be signficant?
> This config file would be read quite often, wouldn't it?
> /Christian
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Henrik Bechmann

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