[pmwiki-devel] Select & Option Dropdown-list Markup

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Wed Dec 13 09:47:24 CST 2006

Dan wrote,
> As you both:
> * introduced some javascript code,
> * embed the submit button,
> could you also add a dash of javascript to hide this last submit
> button (which is only required for javascript-disabled browser)?

If you do this, please make it optional!  Removing the submit button 
makes the jumpbox unusable by blind people who use screen readers, 
because they have to use the jumpform by pressing tab, down-arrow, 
down-arrow, etc., waiting after each key press to hear the selected 
value read aloud, then finally tab again to move on to the submit 
button.  A jumpbox without a button -- at least all the ones I've tested 
for accessibility -- will activate after the first down-arrow.  --Ben S.

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