[pmwiki-devel] ZAP cookbook, www.zapsite.org

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Dec 7 12:02:29 CST 2006

On 12/7/06, Jiri Hladůvka / OBUTEX <admin at obutex.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am the fan of the ZAP features from the very beginning - and still I
> have to spend an inadequate lot of time
> to use some features because there is no syntax description in the doc.
> The example snippets show only the most simple fractions of the usage
> and I have always
> to thoroughly inspect what is a keyword/reserved word and what is an
> user's variable or literal.

Would it help to have a page somewhere that lists all the reserved
fields?  That's a great idea!  Of course the new Main.Documentation is
essentially that.  Do you suggest something different?

> Some snippets  say me nothing and I cannot get the essence and usage of
> the FixPage for example.
> What is it good for? What does it do? The doc says "Use this page to
> practice with ZAPfixpage, to see how it works"
> but I cannot see any difference in the output. Which is the essential
> code/command among the 20 lines snippet?

All the snippets have a commenting option at the bottom.  Ask a
question there. I monitor them and will answer as I can, or others
can.  Better yet, if you figure something out that wasn't clear at
first, add it to the docs for the next person.  Either place: snippets
or docs section.

> Another example: in FileMgmt I cannot understand what makes the page to
> be destroyed. I can only gues
> that the word destroy is a keyword in
> (:input text destroy:)

Perhaps it is better to start with the docs and then go to the
snippets as examples. But if you see a snippet, all (most?) of the
functions should be found in the doc's section with full (partial?)

> Does it mean I *must not* to use a "destroy" variable in the form for
> any other purpose unless I wish
> to destroy  a page  which  name  occasionally  matches the variable's
> content ?

If you are using a ZAPform (instead of a regular form), and you have a
field called "destroy" ZAP will try to destroy that page assuming you
have the right permissions, lock pattern, etc.  All the precautions I
could think of.  ZAP is powerful, with power comes risk.  How else
would you do this

> Time, time, time - I understand Caveman  is  very  busy  and keen on
> using ZAP for his own projects after ZAP
> development is completed.
> But a lack of time made me to stop temporarily from using many ZAP
> features until the documentation is
> more transparent and programmers-friendly.

Do check back.  It is much better now.  And I really hope others will
get used to using the comments.  Also, I am *still* providing personal
help to those requesting it as far as I am able.  I hope others, like
Jiri, will make a point to share tutorials, etc., for others to study
as I just can't keep up with it all by myself.


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