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Jiri Hladůvka / OBUTEX admin at obutex.com
Thu Dec 7 05:02:40 CST 2006

Hello all,
I am the fan of the ZAP features from the very beginning - and still I 
have to spend an inadequate lot of time
to use some features because there is no syntax description in the doc.
The example snippets show only the most simple fractions of the usage 
and I have always
to thoroughly inspect what is a keyword/reserved word and what is an 
user's variable or literal.

Some snippets  say me nothing and I cannot get the essence and usage of 
the FixPage for example.
What is it good for? What does it do? The doc says "Use this page to 
practice with ZAPfixpage, to see how it works"
but I cannot see any difference in the output. Which is the essential 
code/command among the 20 lines snippet?

Another example: in FileMgmt I cannot understand what makes the page to 
be destroyed. I can only gues
that the word destroy is a keyword in

(:input text destroy:)

Does it mean I *must not* to use a "destroy" variable in the form for 
any other purpose unless I wish
to destroy  a page  which  name  occasionally  matches the variable's 
content ?

Time, time, time - I understand Caveman  is  very  busy  and keen on 
using ZAP for his own projects after ZAP
development is completed.
But a lack of time made me to stop temporarily from using many ZAP 
features until the documentation is
more transparent and programmers-friendly.

Best regards,

Christophe David napsal(a):
> I am still trying to encourage friends to have a look at the ZAP 
> features on www.zapsite.org <http://www.zapsite.org>.
> Unfortunately, despite the obviously considerable time spent on 
> improving the documentation and giving support, the re are still a few 
> things that can discourage even the most motivated visitors :
> Examples:
>     - when visiting www.zapsite.org <http://www.zapsite.org>, you 
> cannot even read the documentation without being logged on.  The new 
> visitor has no clue as why "nothing works" without spending a lot of 
> time searching.  Why not have full free access to everything except 
> the parts that actually use the ZAP features that require to be logged 
> on ?  Why not "pre-fill" the username/password fields with "Guest" and 
> "test" ?
>     - even more disturbing : when visiting ww.zapsite.org 
> <http://ww.zapsite.org> with Windows / Internet Explorer using default 
> security settings, many users can simply not log in at all: the 
> cookies are blocked becau se they are set for www.fast.st 
> <http://www.fast.st> and not www.zapsite.org 
> <http://www.zapsite.org>.  Users must click on an icon in the status 
> bar to see the security warning, and then find out that they could be 
> more lucky with http://www.fast.st/zap/pmwiki.php ...
>     - then when they finally managed to sign in and have found out 
> that ZAP provides interesting markup to make forms, they cannot find 
> out what the syntax is.
>     - the "documentation" section should probably be renamed into 
> "reference", and should be more comprehensive, with  exhaustive lists 
> of all parameters and their meaning, and pointers to the relevant sni 
> ppets.
> With the deepest respect for the work done and the obvious good will, 
> may I suggest to focus a lot more on the information provided to the 
> users ?
> Maybe allowing some wiki features on the site would allow users to 
> contribute ;-)
> I am convinced ZAP is a tool  anyone developing with PmWiki should 
> consider using.  But the ZAP "packaging" really needs to be a lot more 
> attractive.
> Do other persons feel the same ?
> Christophe
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