[pmwiki-users] Exploring the use of pwWiki

f86M admin at f86m.com
Thu May 9 03:07:21 PDT 2019

I use it for a few different sites.  F86M.com is mainly for my own 
amusement and learning, every 6 months or so I'll look in to a feature I 
can implement, but my main problem is a lack of time. Most others stay 
closer to the base template.

And I run an intranet at work for managing pages of class material and 
videos for students.  Staff only needed a little training on how to use 
the page editor, and a few savvy ones did custom group/page .css editing.

It's quite easy to modify and manage compared to other CMS options I 
looked at.

On 29/04/2019 10:43 am, J at HH wrote:
> Looking for working or demo sites to help me visualize whether PmWiki 
> will work for the public site I have in mind,
> Thanks!
> Judah Freed
> HokuHouse.com <http://HokuHouse.com>
> Kauai, Hawaii
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