[pmwiki-users] Generation Time for Images

Philippe Krait philippe at krait.net
Thu Aug 31 00:48:33 CDT 2017

Hi guys,

I'me a fairly long time user of pmwiki, and usually manage to get by on my
own, but this time I'm quite stumped. I've moved to Singapore and my server
with it, and I've been reconfiguring it. And I've noticed a major problem:
Whenever there is a picture embedded in a page, the generation time jumps
from a comfortable few hundreds of ms to about 2 minutes.

The strange thing is that it does not happen for all images, the plain ones
just embedded simply in the page are fine, but if I for example simply add
a small logo in the PageLogURL (I'm trying to use colorimetry as a skin,
but it also happens with the good old triad that I'm using in some groups),
the generation time jumps up.

Any idea about what's going wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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