[pmwiki-users] Worse with PmCalendar

Monte Padget m_padget at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 16 10:54:25 CDT 2017

I had some other stuff on the page that pushed the (:worseend:) out of the first paragraph, which is shown on the calendar per the recipe.

I tried to reduce the content and the (:worseend:) was included and gave a valid Worse block. I was given the Worse Edit link and was able to edit the entry directly in the calendar -vs- navigating to the calendar day page.

However, when I edited the entry within the calendar and reloaded the page, I ended up with a Worse markup within the calendar page that is causing the calendar to not display but showing the Worse field in an editable state that is not saveable and the calendar won't display, if that makes sense.


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My first guess is PmCalendar includes a few lines from the day pages,
and there is no (:worseend:) tag among them.

Moreover, including pages with Worse blocks into other pages is
currently unsupported and will likely cause unexpected problems, eg.
editing an included block  may not save the text in the page in
originates, but in the outer/including page.


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On 2017-08-16 17:12, Monte Padget wrote:
> I've been trying Worse and have PmCalendar.
> When I select a date without anything, a new page is created with the
> highlighted sections open for edit using the Worse editor as expected.
> I enter some information and save. Works as expected.
> When I go back to the calendar, the initial paragraph that is
> displayed shows the worse syntax.
> i.e.
> (:worse:) <some content>
> This isn't causing any real problems, but wanted to pass along any
> findings.

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