[pmwiki-users] problem with PHP7

Piotr A. Dybczyński piotr at dybczynski.pl
Mon Aug 7 09:53:04 CDT 2017

Hi all!

After 14 years of uninterrupted work my old server died. I am in urgent
need to move my Pmwiki service (scientific and educational in the
astronomy) to a new server, now running Debian stable (Jessie).

After a lot of searching I found, that three pieces of code from cookbook
directory do not work properly with PHP7.0 due to the deprecated:
preg_replace() which is now unsupported:


I have not found updates to these recipes and I am not familiar with php
syntax details so cannot fix this myself.

I there anybody on this list who can help with this, please?

Best regards,
                          dr Piotr A. Dybczyński 
 homepage: http://www.dybczynski.pl/Piotr      e-mail: piotr at dybczynski.pl

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