[pmwiki-users] pagelist blank after URL change (& update)

Lynda Howell Lynda.Howell at uvm.edu
Fri Aug 4 14:59:25 CDT 2017

I just moved my wiki to a new URL, and now I'm not getting any output for pagelist or searchresults.  I assume I have the old path hard-coded or cached somewhere but I can't find it.  I've searched extensively with a text editor, and have edited out (via Pmwiki) all of the old URLs that I found, but they were all in regular pages and didn't fix the issue.   Deleting wiki.d/.pageindex didn't help.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to try next?

The search does seem to work -- I get the "Results of search for keyword:" and "64 pages found out of 424 pages searched." -- I just don't get the list of pages in between.  My Main.Index page just contains "(:pagelist group=-Pmwiki, -Site :)", and it shows up blank.

Right after the move, I checked that the site loaded okay and then upgraded from 2.2.72 to 2.2.101.  I think the search was working in between, but I'm not positive that I tested it.  So I don't know for sure which is causing my issue.

If it's relevant, the URL change involved moving from a https://site.example.com/pmwiki/ style URL to a https://www.example.com/~site/wiki/ style one.  So it changed the subdomain, added the tilde, and changed the path.   Could it not like the tilde?

All of my content seems happy and I can edit pages, it's just the searching and index pages that aren't happy.

Thanks for your help!


Lynda Howell
Dana Medical Library
University of Vermont
lynda.howell at uvm.edu
(802) 656-8863

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