[pmwiki-users] thumblist, jpg.jpg.lock

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 17:35:48 CDT 2016

>> Every time I edit page, it's name is reported in Home page and I'm
>> quite sure the newly edited pages are often quickly visited (it
>> happens the edited pages are cached before I have finished writing a
>> quote in another, which shoud be agregated by pagelist.)
> If PageA has a pagelist that extracts content from PageB, when you modify
> PageB, is PageA automatically updated (do you see in PageA what you expect
> to see, with the new content from PageB)? If yes, caching is probably done
> correctly.

As an admin/author, yes, because fastcache doesn't apply to me (it is
slow, yet usable ; might be better with faster server) ;
as an anonym user, no no : if a quote is created in group B, linking
to pages in group A, the linked pages in group A won't show the new
quote in pagelist, unless I edit or regen them (which I do most of the

(Because I have to many pages, I have set up fastcache so that it
doesnt delete all cached pages ; I use a cron task to delete 500
oldest pages in cache every day).

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